Welcome to The Ostrich Pen!
This is a place where all of you, dear fellow readers, can get your bookish fix. Book reviews, fangirl thoughts and the challenges of writing will be explored in this blog, alongside many more crazy topics that we all know and love.
So come on in, take off your shoes and your coats and grab a seat. I do have a feeling you might stay a while. If you look closer, you might see all the monsters, wizards, queens and orphans and characters of all type hiding around the virtual pages of this blog. I, Pola of House Raich, first of my name, invite you all to join me on my adventure through magic and cursed lands and high school drama – all treasures that can be found and explored between the pages of a dusty old tome. If you do decide to stay, go ahead and warm your hands by the fire, but please listen closely. I have a lot to tell you.

Love, Ostrich

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